Do You Qualify For A Tax Agreement?

If you owe back taxes we can help!

If you qualify, our team of experienced professionals will help you get your taxes under control by working directly with the IRS and other tax agencies to reduce or eliminate the amount you owe. So, if you are ready to get the worry and stress out of your life, let’s begin!

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You are here because the IRS or other local taxing agency is seeking to collect money from you. Efforts by these agencies may soon escalate to liens and levys which may result in the garnishment of your wages and/or seizure of your property.

The good news is, you do have options!

The IRS and most other taxing agencies have special programs which allow qualifying taxpayers to pay their debt at a reduced amount that they can afford to pay. Most importantly, the agency will generally suspend further collection efforts while we work together to settle your debt.

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How Tax Agree Works

Four Steps To Tax Relief


There is no charge for your initial evaluation which determines whether we can assist you.


If we can assist you, a Personal Tax Associate will set a consultation to discuss strategies.


Your Personal Tax Associate will discuss and negotiate your case with the taxing agency for relief.


Your case is settled based on the terms of the agreement with the taxing entity.